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Our product development team work alongside commercial aquaculture experts to identify the prioritize disease and efficiency challenges facing the industry.

Our aim is to deliver innovative products that aid the welfare of farmed aquatic animals, while promoting the efficiency and profitability of US production.  Our range of products in development spans pharmaceuticals, biologics (vaccines), disinfectants, biocides and environmental remediation tools.

"Hydrogen sulfide is a serious problem in baitfish ponds in Arkansas. Using PondDtox® has nearly eliminated the hydrogen sulfide and enabled our farmers to produce more fish per acre." DR. ANITA KELLY, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS

Fish Vet Group's PondDtox® contains unique bacteria (Paracoccus pantotrophus), which are highly effective in anaerobic conversion of toxic Hydrogen Sulphide into non-toxic sulfate in benthic environments.

PondDtox® will sink to the pond’s bottom, and readily convert H2S back to sulfate again, while inhibiting the sulfate reducers.

This ultimately mitigates the toxic environment ensuring maximum pond productivity. 

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