Fish Vet Group
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Diagnostic Laboratory

Our team provides expert diagnosis and monitoring of aquatic pathogens.

We utilize the industry's leading diagnostic toolbox allowing rapid health assessment, including both infectious and non-infectious causes of disease.

Molecular Assays

With our high throughput molecular assays we have the capability to rapidly test for over 50 aquatic pathogens, including bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic pathogens of warm, cool, and coldwater species of fish.

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PCR Preparation  

Bacteriology, Virology & Parasitology

We provide comprehensive pathogen screening using broad based culture and microscopy techniques. Our lab technicians maintain a wide range of bacteria culture media and viral cell lines, ensuring absolute confidence in pathogen detection.

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Digital Histopathology

Fish Vet Group's diagnostic program was founded more than 20 years ago with histopathology as its cornerstone and has become world renowned in the years since. Our pathologists are able to fully assess fish health, including infectious and non-infectious causes of disease. Histopathology is also a valued research tool, where tissue structure is considered as an experimental variable.

To maintain its position at the forefront of modern histology, Fish Vet Group has invested in digital pathology equipment at all of its locations. In our Portland facility, we are able to digitize slides up to 100x. We utilize a suite of image analysis tools in our work to quickly and more accurately than ever, evaluate slides. Finally, this new tool links Fish Vet Group's pathologists and partners around the world, facilitating seamless efficient communication.

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Histology Slide Preparation