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Fish Vet Group opens for business in the United States

Fish Vet Group expand global offering, opening for business in the US. The aquaculture industry is young and vibrant in the Americas, and its accelerating growth brings many challenges, especially in the health and welfare of species that are new to commercial production for the food chain. Hernan Pizarro, Dr. James Hoare, and Jason Collins join FVG Inc. to provide aquaculture health services to producers of farmed fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

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Fish Vet Group launches PondDtox

FVG launches its first product in the US, in partnership with Novozymes Biologics of Denmark, PondDtox. PondDtox is a beneficial microbe-based product, that mitigates the toxic impact of hydrogen sulfide in aquaculture ponds. PondDtox has shown very promising results to date in the pond production sector of the southern US industry.

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Fish Vet Group host VIP event in conjunction with the 2014 International Sea Lice Research conference

As part of the Sea Lice 2014 conference held in Portland, Maine, Fish Vet Group opens the doors of its US headquarters a few blocks away from the conference venue for an special evening with its salmon producing clients from around the world. The event kicked off with lectures on IPM best practices, fish welfare, and the US veterinary drug regulatory system, followed by a BBQ and live music enjoyed on the banks of the Portland Harbor that lasted well into the night.


Fish Vet Group Strengthens US Team with New Aquatic Veterinarian

US - Fish Vet Group (FVG) have appointed a new Aquatic Veterinarian, David Marancik, to their US operation. David will provide clinical and veterinary services, as well as being responsible for managing the Company’s diagnostic laboratories which offer full autopsy, histopathology and molecular diagnostic capabilities. David has a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University and a five-year Combined Residency and PhD in Aquatic Pathology from the University of Georgia. Before joining FVG, David worked at the National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture, where he specialised in research on fish immunology and biomarkers of disease.

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Expansion of technical offering into Zebrafish research industry

Drawing on its highly specialized background in aquatic animal health management, Fish Vet Group launches coordinated aquatic health support, disease diagnostics and evidence based veterinary services to the Zebrafish research industry. Fish Vet Group is set to fill a niche position in the zebrafish research sector, as no supporting entity provides the scope of expert technical knowledge and breadth of diagnostic capability that the company offers.

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FVG's key diagnostic protocols achieve USDA APHIS Approval

Fish Vet Group's US facility gains the approval of USDA APHIS for many of its diagnostic assays, thus permitting the lab to conduct regulatory testing in support of international trade. This testing is required as a biosecurity precaution by most countries, to ensure no transmission of certain aquatic pathogens  in shipments of live fish.

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Sold out Zebrafish workshop held in Boston

In partnership with Skretting, Cryogenetics, Aquaneering and Boston Children’s Hospital, Fish Vet Group hosts daylong pioneering event examining the lessons learnt in traditional aquaculture and how they can be applied to the zebrafish research sector.