Fish Vet Group
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What We Do

At Fish Vet Group, improving and promoting the health and welfare of aquaculture species is core to our work.

We appreciate not all farms have the resources to manage a complete fish health program on their own, and that’s why we believe working together brings stronger results. Our team becomes your team.  FVG can assist you with matters both on and off the farm from disease surveillance to regulatory affairs.

We have over 20 years history of providing world-class aquatic veterinary support
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Fish Vet Group employs over 65 veterinarians, diagnosticians, biologists, environmental scientists and technicians around the world, and we believe that sharing knowledge is fundamental to success.  

Our global team has expert first-hand knowledge of emerging health issues in their unique regions. This information is circulated among the group, permitting more effective diagnosis treatment and proactive management advice for our clients and partners.


Our approach is to always provide our customers with practical guidance and support. 

Our comprehensive in-house diagnostic capabilities and prompt treatment of samples gives us the ability to efficiently detect if a pathogen is present and then crucially assess the level, type and chronicity of the disease it is causing, all in as little as 24 hours for emergency cases.  


It is important to us that we continue to build our capabilities and expand our expertise. We understand that to grow you need to invest. 

We are consistently developing, validating and optimizing our expansive portfolio of advanced diagnostic tools.


Total Aquaculture Health requires a genuinely holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in aquaculture. 

Our breadth of expertise gives us a unique perspective to provide an inclusive and science-based approach to aquatic health management.